About the Journal

International Journal of Creative and Cultural Industries and Related Studies is arguably the first open-access, peer-reviewed international journal of its kind concerning research and practice not only in the core field of creative and cultural industries studies but also all related aspects. It is the journal’s view that for an emerging discipline like this with less defined boundaries, a journal with broader scope would be beneficial in creating a more open forum to facilitate frontier research and development. The journal facilitates submissions of manuscripts concerning research in the field of creative and cultural industries, related studies rooted from other subject areas but can potentially inference or inform creative and cultural industries studies are equally welcome. The journal publishes two issues per annum (January and July), with tentatively additional guest-edited special issue when a special interest arises. 

The journal promotes cross-fertilization and attempts to break the barriers across not only different disciplines but also diverse communities or sectors including but not restricted to researchers, content creators, artists, producers engineers. The journal adopts open-access policies to facilitate accessibility and impact. Articles may take the forms as listed below, innovative and alternative ones including disruptively novel and creative formats are equally welcome.


· Research article following traditional research methods

· Portfolio of creative work with commentary

· Reflection on practice

· Review of creative outcomes

· Other publishable content in non-verbal format