About the Journal

(International Journal of) Organisations and Public Administration Studies (OPAS) is an international open access periodical concerning organisation and administration research and administrative practices. With both organisation and administration studies being included in its scope, the journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of systematic and integrated research into organisations, behaviour, operation and administration and interventions. The journal keeps its scope wide; all related work in the field of organisations, administration and management are considered. The journal is particularly keen to solicit and support submissions of manuscripts reported from research and practice that are less published or under represented. The journal also wishes to serve as a vehicle and facilitator for continuous career development for managers and administrators and encourages the dissemination of knowledge generated from engagement and administration practice.

As a new title, the journal is forward-looking and welcomes innovative formats of dissemination. In addition to traditional articles such as

· Research article following traditional and established methods

· Outcomes from investigation taking ad hoc approaches

· Outcomes generated and abstracted from experience of practices

The journal is keen to experiment with new and disruptively innovative formats. Examples may include but not restricted to graphics articles (stylistically similar to a graphical abstract but using mostly graphics to cover full content), interview transcriptions, dialogues, and non-verbal publishable content that carries research findings or outcomes.