International Journal of Chinese and English Translation & Interpreting (IJCETI)

Research in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy: Global Perspectives (RECAP)

International Journal of Organisations and Public Administration Studies (OPAS)

Physical Education Research – Fitness Exercise Coaching and Teaching (PERFECT)

International Journal of Comparative Literature

International Journal of Creative and Cultural Industries and Related Studies

Journal of Industrial Design Studies – International Perspectives (JOIDEIS)

Journal of Speech and Perception: Human Machine and Cybernetics (JSP)

Journal of Second and Foreign Languages (JSFL)

Recent Advances in ICT, Scientific and Engineering Research (RAISER)

Recent Advances in Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (HASS)

AT-Journals (ATJs) are an expanding family of Open Access (OA) journals to cover a variety of subjects and disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, natural and engineering sciences, languages, cultures and arts. The ATJs follow the OA regime in principle but adopt additional, enhanced and unique operational models to promote the journals’ ethos of academic rigour, professional practicality, rapid dissemination, “fairness for all” and value for money. Bridging or filling the gaps of traditional periodicals, the ATJs strive to break the barriers among the disciplines and foster the fusion of academic studies and vocational practices. One important mission of the ATJs is to enable the publication of good works that are otherwise left unpublished and forgotten. The ATJs aim to provide an easy-to-access platform with effective workflows for authors, reviewers and editors, and a free-to-access, reliably archived and well-indexed knowledge base for the broadest range of readers.