About the Journal

Physical Education Research – Fitness Exercise Coaching and Teaching (PERFECT) is an international open access periodical concerning PE, coaching and sports sciences with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of exercises and fitness in its scope and wellbeing as an ultimate goal of all sports related activities. Manuscripts with topics related to PE, fitness exercises, fitness, coaching and sports sciences from diverse perspectives (e.g. education, sports sciences, sociology) are all welcome. The journal is keen to solicit manuscripts of research and practice that are less published or under represented. The journal also wishes to serve as a vehicle and facilitator for continuous career development for research active PE teachers.

PERFECT is a forward-looking new title. It embrace modern approaches and good practice to publication. Submissions may take the forms listed below, innovative alternatives including disruptively novel and creative formats are equally welcome and encouraged with prior discussion with the EiC and editorial office.

· Research article following traditional and established methods

· Outcomes from investigation taking ad hoc approaches

· Outcomes abstracted from experience of practices

· Graphics rich short article (stylistically similar to a graphical abstract but covering full content)