Article Processing Charge

In order to provide free access to readers, it is a common practice for OA journals to charge Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of copyediting, typesetting, indexing & archiving, and journal management. JSFL is no exception.

The publisher agrees not to charge APCs till December 2024. However, for research with funding support, it is strongly recommended that APCs are paid during this period to support the operation of the journal. 

JSFL is actively seeking sustainable ways to support its operation in the interim and long term. APCs will be charged to the articles published after 1 January 2025. However, JSFL will provide waivers and discounts to authors from low- and middle-income countries, based on the Research4Life country list. Authors from these countries will have APC costs waived (for Group A countries) or reduced by 50% (for Group B countries). For unfunded work, the journal will also offer merit-based APC waivers or discounts at the journal’s discretion.